Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4Play at the LGBT Center

"Saturday with Martin," part of "Short Plays to Long Remember," tonight at the LGBT Center.

AIP last night at University Settlement, where Leanne Hutchison did a lovely job on "Sadie Lou Tells Her Own Side of That Unfortunate Business..." Also, Carrington Vilmont singing "McNally's Row of Flats" and essaying about a dozen roles for the AIP writers. Upcoming events include the Martin Segal Center at CUNY and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Admission is free.

And by all means, go see Martin Casella's The Irish Curse, running at Soho Playhouse. A very funny, touching play, with an excellent cast. I saw Bill Timoney in Dan Butler's role, and didn't realize until after the performance that he was the understudy when someone told me. And Austin Peck is far funnier than someone that good-looking should be allowed to be. Tickets are available here.

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