Friday, September 16, 2011

Mad World

They're in previews now, but I just have to dash off a quick love letter for one of my favorite actors (and human beings) - Vince Gatton, who is currently playing King John at the Access Gallery downtown.

Vince and I have worked together many times -Candy & Dorothy, Busted Jesus Comix - and more readings of other works than I could remember or count. He's a consistently surprising, inventive and soulful actor. His toolbox is full and he's crafty as hell.

In the title role, he's petulant, needy, manipulative, vindictive and vulnerable; a would-be Richard the Third undone by his own incompetence and bad luck. You want to strangle him and you feel for him. John's a lousy rotten prick and he still doesn't deserve the damnation that crushes him. (Shakespeare gets his cake and eats it, too. Jerk.)

It's an early Shakespeare, but it's a fascinating study in political machinations and collateral damage. People form alliances, double-cross each other, make threats, make nice, all the while the country goes down the tubes. Ross Williams directs and it's strong and sharp. They use multi-media but it doesn't feel like a gimmick; it actually adds to the storytelling in interesting and creative ways. The set design is the best use of the Access Gallery I've ever seen. Get tickets soon for this - it's filling up in previews and it closes Oct. 2.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Number on the Roman Calendar, at the Players Club

Here are all the details.

On Monday, September 12th, d.i.r.t. company invites you to experience DIRTy SHORTs - our original short play staged-reading series to be held at The Players Club on historic Gramercy Square.

7 pm for cocktails and banter, followed by 3 original short plays.

This Mon September 12, short plays by Eric Fallen, David Johnston and Megan Mostyn-Brown.

After the readings, all are invited – encouraged, even - to stay and drink with the writers and cast, mixing and mingling conversations and friends till we close the place down.

A NUMBER ON THE ROMAN CALENDAR by David Johnston, features Jonna McElrath, Jim Ireleand and Tom Lyons.

Players Club address is 16 Gramercy Park South, which is E. 20th St between Park Ave South and 3rd Ave.

No reservations needed, and the reading is free.

Dress code is nice casual - jackets/ties, while welcome, are not required.