Monday, April 6, 2009

What Child Doesn't Love Fassbinder?

Yesterday I went to an event for Martin Denton's "Plays & Playwrights 2009" at the T. Schreiber Studio. I saw some excerpts from some of the plays published this year. (If you want to buy a copy, go here.)

There was one play I saw a brief excerpt from, and this bit of dialogue made me fall out of my chair.

SCOTT: When I was a child, my father used to take me to Film Forum...All the other kids got to see Bambi and Back to the Future. I went to the Rainer Werner Fassbinder retrospective. That's probably why I carry around this little jar of poison. (He pops it out.)

VICTHORIA: Did you like it?

SCOTT: I dreamt up all sorts of damaging things after I saw Beware of a Holy Whore at the age of seven. It's still my favorite movie, but it fucked up Halloween in 1987, when I went as a half-empty glass of Cubra Libre being brutally smashed into the floor...

I bought my copy of the anthology, and read this play on the way downtown to Film Forum. It's called "Death at Film Forum," by Eric Bland. The above dialogue again made me guffaw embarrassingly on the train.


Zack Calhoon said...

When I was working in the Hangar Theatre's Lab Company, I was in a production of his play "Blood on the Cat's Neck" directed by Daniel Kramer. I absolutely love his work. True "Theatre of Cruelty" or Cinema of Cruelty.

What a visionary!

David Johnston said...

"Blood on the Cat's Neck?" What an awesome title.