Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suddenly Last Summer

Last fall, Phillip had brought his Maggie Smith DVD set to Wellfleet, and while we were in rehearsals for "George Place," we watched this one night - one of the best Williams' adaptations I'd ever seen, with Maggie Smith as Violet Venable, Rob Lowe (???) as Dr. Sugar and Natasha Richardson as Catharine Holly.

I never got to see Natasha Richardson on stage - missed her in "Cabaret," "Anna Christie" - but all day I've been thinking of her in that Williams piece. She was so desperate, twitchy and haunted - and so much a match for Smith, who knows her way around a Williams line. Richardson's death seems so random today.

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WayneInNYC said...

I see that this adaptation is available through Netflix.

Maybe you can add it to your queue and we can make an evening of it, if you're so inclined.