Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Great Playwright Goes Home

Horton Foote passed away yesterday, about ten days shy of his 93rd birthday. His play, "Dividing the Estate" just closed on Broadway in January. He was in Hartford, CT, completing work on his massive "Orphans Cycle," being co-produced by Signature and Hartford Stage in the fall.

That, people, is the way to go.

I first saw Foote's "The Widow Claire" in the eighties at the old Circle in the Square Downtown. I didn't care for it. I was 23 then, and it didn't have enough action for me. Fast forward about 18-20 years when I saw productions of "The Last of the Thorntons" and "The Carpetbagger's Children." Suddenly, Foote's slow-moving, decidedly un-flashy characters resonated with me in my life and memories. Was he better, or was I older? I was older.

One thing to feel good about - his children, notably Hallie and Daisy - will undoubtedly protect and care for these works. They'll put them in the right hands and make sure they live.

And I'm going out to Hartford in a few months with my friend Dave 'cause I wanna see the whole damn Orphans Cycle. Why not? You think a writer comes around like this every day?

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