Friday, January 2, 2009

Theatre of War

Went to Film Forum to see “Theatre of War,” the documentary about Meryl Streep, Brecht, and the Kushner Mother Courage in the Park two years ago. I feel about Brecht the way my old roommate Sally used to feel about brie. She’d buy brie, bring it home and not eat it. She didn’t like brie- she liked the idea of brie. That’s how I feel about Brecht – I love the ideas, the idea of a revolutionary theatre, the in your face politics, the songs – but hate sitting through his plays. I like the idea of Brecht.

Streep is articulate, smart and no bullshit. She’s asked if Courage is a tragic figure - she rolls her eyes and says, ‘I just think of her as you and me.’

She did say one thing that stopped me cold. “Mother Courage lives off the war. That’s what we all do. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we’re living off the war."

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