Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Know What Sucks? A1Books

A1 Books sucks. I ordered a book from them in early May. They say they shipped it on May 14. I waited. Then I asked where my book was. They said shipping could take 7 to 14 business days. That passed. I asked where my book was. They said oh sorry sometimes shipping can take up to 21 business days. I waited. Then I asked for a refund because by this time it had been – oh – five weeks since I had ordered the book. They refunded half my money. They said it had been delivered at my post office, where it sat until it was returned as undeliverable. So they took half my money and gave me bupkus. These guys suck. Don’t buy anything from them. They will crush your research and reference dreams.

Now, I am not one of those people who would tell you to – oh- go to their site, set up an account and then email their help desk and say “You owe David Johnston nine dollars and forty eight cents.” I would not encourage you to go to Amazon and let them know their vendors are douchebags. I would not tell people to do that.

But rest assured, A1 Books, vengeance is mine. A river of hot blood by moonlight will not slake my thirst. Know that I have left curt feedback on Amazon, in response to your high-handed, smirking so-called ‘Help Desk.’ You snuff-dipping, handkerchief-waving, cake-munching aristocrats, determined to oppress the masses with your ‘restocking fees’ and your ‘Thank You Reward’ discounts. Madame La Guillotine waits. Vive la Revolution. Assholes.

In the future, I plan to use ‘A1 Books’ as a synonym for ‘sucking.’ Like “Hey man, doesn't global warming suck?” “Yeah, dude, but not as much as A1 Books.”


Matthew Trumbull said...

You ordered a book from a company that had the same name as a steak sauce.

Never do this aain.

I feel your pain. They are churls and whoresons. Come the fire, they will pay.

bfuqua said...

Keep fightin' the fight, man.
Btw, did you post a complaint with the BBB? Seriously.

WayneInNYC said...

You do know that if you order through amazon marketplace and the order gets F*cked up, you can put in a claim with Amazon and they will refund the difference to you.

I had A bad experience with an Amazon Marketplace seller and Amazon gave me a full refund within 5 days of the claim.

Unknown said...

Try http://www.infibeam.com/Books/.
you will not have worst experience.

David Johnston said...

That's a great idea, Wayne. Thanks.

mrkevinwright said...

I paid A1 for the book, then I got a bill for the book from the publiser for 3 times what I paid. Now I can not get ahold of them. A1 sucks!!

Mike said...

I'm in the same boat. I'm in the next state and 10 shipping days later I still don't have my book. It should have taken 1 day to process and 1 day to ship to the next state using the cheapest ground shipping.

murr said...

Found you on Google.

I'm in the same boat right now. Ordered a text-book on the first day of school, and A1Books took a whole week to process before they mailed it out. Its already been three weeks. I'm about to have my first huge exam that is 25% of my final grade, and the text-book still isn't here yet. Panicking doesn't even begin to describe it.

I really wish I knew this about A1Books before I ordered from them. But I figured I was getting them through Barnes and Noble's site, that they would be okay. Boy was I wrong.