Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vote For Our Tagline - "Where Actors Find Their Space"

OK, do me a favor. At NYC Performing Arts Spaces, we are up for the 2008 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Award. This is for our Theatre site which launched a year ago, NYC Theatre Spaces.

We are one of five (!) taglines in the Arts & Culture category. So - go to the link below and vote for us. Vote for "Where Actors Find Their Space." Go do it. Now. I don't ask much.

If we win, we get a toaster. I'm kidding. I don't know what we win. A toaster would be nice, though.


Martha J Mountain said...

Done. Given the competition, your toaster is assured.

David Johnston said...

Ah. Sweet toaster.

EmilyBowles said...
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EmilyBowles said...

David, do your friends & followers know that WE WON this award in 2008!?!