Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Adding Machine

I saw Adding Machine at the Minetta Lane on Sunday - also ran into my friends Brian, Denise, Goody & Bill there, too. The show I thought was terrific. (Here's my disclaimer: the original producers of Adding Machine, Next Theatre, have commissioned my next play. And the Artistic Director of Next, Jason Loewith, will direct. So take this as nothing but shameless logrolling if you like.)

More later, but I thought Adding Machine was an excellent production. The music is not easy - the opening number may send some screaming from the premises. It's ugly, disorienting and not for everyone. But the evening has great originality, humor and a bleak and uncompromising ethic to it. This is a play I read in college, and what was surprising to me about the production was it made Elmer Rice's 20s Expressionism seem fresh, brand-new, far-sighted and damned entertaining.

Three of the Chicago actors reprise their roles. They're all outstanding, especially Joel Hatch as Mr. Zero, who for all the world reminds me of a younger, singing John Mahoney. Isherwood at the Times gave the show a sloppy wet kiss with the promise of more to come.

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