Friday, February 12, 2010

The Halls of the Madhouses are Filled with Governesses

Pal and muse Vince Gatton is appearing in this through tomorrow night - Jeffrey Hatcher's creepy two-handed adaptation of "The Turn of the Screw." This production places the show - set in the 1870s - in the Merchant House Museum on East Fourth Street, built in the 1830s. It's an inspired choice for this material and they even brought in a 'historical lighting consultant' to approximate the look of gaslight and kerosene without setting the place on fire. Some things are too historically accurate, you know?

I'd tell you to go see it, but the joint only seats about 34 people for the performance, and all the tickets are sold. But Vince said those who show up for cancellations are getting in. There's one show tonight and two on Saturday night.

This was excellent, trust me. I loathe Henry James and I loved it.


Zack Calhoon said...

I saw this last night and really enjoyed. A wonderful example of site specific theatre. Spooky and fun.

David Johnston said...

Sorry I missed seeing you, Zack.

Anonymous said...
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