Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 AM in LA

The short film "2 AM," with James Dumont and Lisa Goodman, directed by Barbara Tarbuck, will be shown in LA Wednesday Jan 6. Details below.

El Cid Short Film Night Wednesday January 6th -- Timeline

8:00pm Pre-Show Cocktail mixer/Dinner party ($8 Cover)
9:00pm Show

El Cid (Silverlake)
4212 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles 90029

Very excited about this, as Lisa and James have been relentlessly promoting. "2 AM" is based on my short play, "A Phone Call from Washington State, Late at Night," with a screenplay adaptation by myself and Barbara. The whole project was excellently done, and I'll love it if any LA friends can go see it and give a report back.


WayneInNYC said...

Surely you will be getting a copy of this....

I vote for a viewing at John Wall's on his 56" TV.

I'll bring the popcorn.

David Johnston said...

Oh I have a copy of it. Not sure if this is the cut they're showing -

WayneInNYC said...

Well, then YOU need to come over and share it with me. I'll cook.