Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reviews for "Conversations on Russian Literature" at Blue Coyote

In keeping with the mission of this blog - blatant self-promotion - here are a couple of reviews for the current show at Blue Coyote, "Conversations on Russian Literature Plus Three More Plays."

The New York Press.

Jon Sobel at Blog Critics.


Mixed to positive from Theatremania.

And a very good write up from the New York Times.

Tickets are available here.

UPDATE: Curtain Up came in, another keeper.


David D. said...

Glad to see all the positive press. Looking forward to coming to the show tomorrow. (And, yes, I had already made that decision before the Times mentioned comic books. Though I now know I may come dressed a Stormtrooper)

Tara Dairman said...

Great press, David! I really enjoyed the show last Friday and it was nice to meet you in person. The first and especially last pieces were my favorites.