Monday, November 24, 2008

I Close the Iron Door on You

Went with Wayne to “White Christmas” last night. It was delightful, well-performed, well-executed - so of course it got a very snarky, dismissive review this morning from Charles Isherwood. Jeff Denman played the Danny Kaye part, and it was great to see him. (I had done stock with him in Buffalo about seven thousand years ago.) Jeff's a great guy - talented, terrific hoofer, and a real facility with this era's music.

Friday night, we watched “Dragonwyk” with Vincent Price and Gene Tierney – also, “Wall-E,” which is brilliant. Saturday I met Dave down at Film Forum, and we saw the Lombard double feature – “My Man Godfrey” and “Twentieth Century” with John Barrymore. Dave had never seen Lombard before. “Twentieth Century” I had not seen in forever, and it made me laugh till I wept.


WayneInNYC said...
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WayneInNYC said...

I sent the
Opening Night Press Coverage
to Mom and Dad, and they decided to come to New York and see the show. They like this type of show, (Old-Fashioned with lots of Dancing) so I bought them House Seats.

I Guess they are trying to be supportive in the wake of the nasty reviews.