Friday, October 10, 2008

"Letters" in London

Got this picture from my London producer, Peter Bull, for his evening at Above the Stag Theatre, entitled "American Briefs." These are rehearsal pictures for "Letters," Leon Ancliffe (on the left) and Richard Gee (right.)

Have no idea why Peter has hired such homely kids to act in my play - what the hell was he thinking?

If you're in London - and hey, even if you're not! - tickets and information are here.

UPDATE: Here's a nice mention of the project in Martin Denton's Plays & Playwrights blog.


WayneInNYC said...
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WayneInNYC said...


Ugliest. Cast. Ever.

I HATE it when they ruin a beautiful play with such HIDEOUSLY deformed actors.

We all know you would never write a play with Decrepit Gargoyles for the leads.

(You do know I'm joking right. They're sexy. Buy me one for Christmas. Please.)

Edit. Oops. I accidentally deleted my own post earlier.

Unknown said...

Actually they do look a little out of shape, but it might just be a bad picture. They could be hot in person. Do they need to be hot for the play to work?

David Johnston said...

It's a ten minute dialogue when they're both in the altogether or underwear. Doesn't hurt if they're easy on the eyes.

Unknown said...

Brit buff and Yankee buff aren't the same thing, so these guys will prob be perceived as hot there. I wouldn't worry. But they could hit the gym, yeah.

David Johnston said...

I'm not worried. I think they're adorable kids. Wish I could go see them do the play, but won't be able to this time.