Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If They're People, Can We Waterboard Them?

A sultry young Colorado law student - she looks like Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink!" - wants to have the state constitution of Colorado define fertilized eggs as people.

Hope those fertilized eggs aren't carrying any subprime mortgages or they are skee-rooed.


Martha J Mountain said...

one more time. This is trying to draw a line where a line is inappropriate. It is a PROCESS, people, shades of gray from start to finish. Insisting on defining "life" as any point in the process is crazy. As in "not connected to reality". How many non-viable pregnancies are terminated by miscarriage? Will that result in criminal prosecution? Against whom? I can usually understand some part of the thinking of people I disagree with, but this just has never made any sense at all.

David Johnston said...

Absolutely, Martha. This leads to all sorts of legal insanity. (If a fertility clinic has unused fertilized eggs, do they have to appoint a court guardian?) But the reality is - this is not meant to do anything but gum up the works, and force a state showdown with the feds on Roe. It's not meant to protect anyone, not meant to meaningfully reduce abortions, not meant to seriously look at any issues of womens' health...it's meant to make people's lives difficult until they do what Colorado Jesus nuts want them to do.