Saturday, August 30, 2008

More from the Cape

I go to rehearsal, then come home, have a drink and end up going to bed exhausted around 10 PM. I sleep eight to nine hours, get up, write, do some work, and go to rehearsal. Went to a clinic yesterday and I have gotten a touch of bronchitis since I've been here - a big part of why I've been feeling just generally lousy.

The actors have to work all day at rehearsal. Gary has to work. I sit there and chew pencils, yet I feel like I want to be at rehearsal, watch the work that’s going on, see if there’s any chance of improving on the script before it really gets too close to opening. All I’ve done now really is a handful of line changes, maybe a page of cuts overall, a few word changes here and there, and constant conversations with Gary on the ongoing shape.

I’m just never happy. If a lot of rewrites were required, I’d be unhappy. If few are required, I’m nervous. If it’s going well, I’m wary. Rehearsing a new show if you’re the writer is just a misery – there’s no way around it.

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