Sunday, August 24, 2008

Later, at the Ranch...

Gary has been released from the hospital at Hyannis and is back resting comfortably. They feel like all should be well now, and it explains why he was feeling crappy all last week. Tomorrow is our day off, and he says he feels fine to be back in rehearsal on Tuesday. Whew.


Bruno Goldstone said...

Yikes. Was checking in for some gabby update on the rehearsals, not hospitals and morphine!

Can't wait to see the show--meanwhile, lotsa love to Gary and you.

bfuqua said...

Gar was allowed to leave hospital with the morphine still hooked up, right? RIGHT?!
As one k-stone sufferer to another please tell him I know his pain.
Love you guys and can't wait to see the show, too.