Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back in Wellfleet

Been back in Wellfleet for a few days, in rehearsal and fighting a head cold. We ran the first act today. The weather here is August beautiful, and the traffic is maddening. Everyone tells me it changes radically after Sept 1. I'm staying at Jim and Rob's fabulous place in Eastham.

So what do I do in rehearsal while Gary puts them through their paces? A few things from my legal pads, and hard copy revision notes.

'What does Brian leave the stage to go do? Add to fix list.' 'Bear = tacky, but pool table = blasphemy.' 'He doesn't need to look at her when he comes in, he knows where she is and what she's saying.' 'Her memories are right there. No need to reach - they're on the bottom shelf.' 'I'm sorry here does not mean I'm sorry.' 'Chewing tobacco, Slurpee cup - connect the thoughts.' 'Remember - Mexico is full of Mexicans.' 'I'm not in love with this transition.' 'Remember - 'in-laws' is the trump card.'

The rest of the time - I'm taking Nyquil. Stephen sent me some great lyrics for "Effie Jean" - one where he rhymed 'vacation' with 'free trade negotiation.' It filled me with delight.


WayneInNYC said...

Your yellow pad notes are a window into the wonder that is David Johnston.

May I recommend A Scotch chaser (or two) to go with your Nyquil. Works EVERY time for me.

David Johnston said...

I've grown fond of one glass of red wine, two aspirin THEN the Nyquil.