Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do You Ever Wonder...

Bush is an oilman. Cheney is an oilman. Bush’s father was an oilman. Condoleeza Rice – the worst Secretary of State ever – has an oil tanker named after her.

Now in the (blessed) last days in office for this moron, the most pressing issue on the table is drilling for oil in Alaska, a move which will undeniably enrich oil companies.

Even though the government's own energy people concede that drilling in Alaska - like if they started today - would have no efffect on production for at least twenty years, and would never significantly impact price.

Conservation efforts and research into alternate renewable energy sources will not enrich oil companies. Reducing carbon emissions will not enrich oil companies. And by a fascinating coincidence, these options are not discussed much by this administration.

Like Bill Maher said, if Colonel Sanders was President and the price of chicken went up ten times, you’d start to wonder.

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