Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Food Play

OK, so I wrote a play where people consume onstage - macaroni and cheese, green beans, spinach salad, ham biscuits, iced tea and water. There's dessert in the script but we don't get to it. So, today we used food - and of course last night I was thinking why did I write a play where people eat so much onstage? This is fraught with disaster. Fortunately, my cast doesn't have any weird dietary restrictions. No one started choking, though Florence did have a great big mouthful of ham biscuit and then had a devil of a time getting the whole line out. And you know what? Food today was really good. The cast loved it. Then we had to break for lunch but no one was really hungry. Well, I was. I was just sitting there watching people eat.


WayneInNYC said...

Just as long as no one says
"Eat your fish, bitch!"

David Johnston said...

I thought about it, believe me.

light industrial musician said...

Ummm. Sounds good. I'd like to read this play. How do I go about doing that?