Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Swamp Thing vs. Ann Coulter


Which of the above is most commonly referred to as a 'shambling mockery of humanity?'

No cheating!


David D. said...

Imagine this! I'm looking at my daily Google News Alert for "Swamp Thing" and I find out David Johnston has a blog! Fantastic.

Okay... okay actually I followed a link from Freeman's blog. But I've probably put the words Swamp Thing in a search engine at some point in my life.

David D.

Freeman said...

I...can't decide. I mean, to shamble I assume one needs at least two working legs. Coulter, according to what I read, travels by scuttling along the ocean floor on thousands of tiny tentacles. Or flying with her terrifying bat wings.

David Johnston said...

Plus, Swamp Thing is nice to widows and orphans.