Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blue Coyote's Glee Club at the Brick

Matthew Freeman's "Glee Club" opens this weekend at the Brick, as part of the Antidepressant Festival. Get your tickets here. Matt's entries at the Brick Festival include "Interview with the Author" two years ago, where David DelGrosso, Matt Trumbull, Matt Freeman and I all played...Matt Freeman. And "Trayf" a year and a half ago is one of the only plays I know where the writer started with the idea, "Hmm...here's a lobster suit...how can I make one of my best friends wear it onstage?"

Pictured: (from the bottom clockwise) Tom Staggs, Matthew Trumbull, Gary Shrader, David DelGrosso, Robert Buckwalter, Stephen Speights, and Carter Jackson. Not pictured is cast member Bruce Barton.)

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