Friday, January 18, 2008

Elaine Donnelly: A Sad, Ridiculous Battle-Ax

Thanks to Wonkette for this. This is Elaine Donnelly. (On the left. On the right is noted Springfield busybody Helen Lovejoy.)

Elaine Donnelly is a sad, ridiculous old bag. Of course she blogs for the National Review online. She spends her days calling for this really hot gay soldier who's served two terms of duty in Iraq - to - you know. Resign. Because he's bringing morale down and all that. Oh, and she's President of something called the Center for Military Readiness. So we can sleep better at night, knowing Gladys Kravitz is protecting us from the gays.

Oh and when she's not busy educating us on 'critically important social policies which affect our morale' - or something - she's a shill for the Moonie paper in DC.

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