Monday, January 21, 2008

"Celebrity Apprentice"

OK, my friend Curtis - who's married to my friend Nancy - is a reality TV producer in Los Angeles. And he emailed last week, because he needed some shots of suspicious characters leaning against Trump Tower and Tiffany's at night.

So, the long and the short of it is, my friend Gerard and I will be on "Celebrity Apprentice" on Thurs Jan 31 on NBC, 9 PM.

I'm leaning against Tiffany's sipping a cup of coffee and glancing...slowly...down the street. I had to do it for about twenty minutes because Ikeptglancingtooquickly.

Gerard is walking down the street in a Members Only jacket. While holding a newspaper. The Post. His hair is extremely blow-dried.

Very suspicious, huh?

I anticipate a flood of movie offers. A cornucopia, even.


Gerard said...

That was not my hair, well it was, but it wasn't my style, well it was, but it wasn't my usual style.

That wasn't my gut, well it was, but it wasn't my usual gut, well it was, but it wasn't my gut at 18. I've augmented my original 18 y/o gut with several extra warming layers.



David Johnston said...

...Bill Murray? David Chase?

David Johnston said...

Dear God. I do look like Bill Murray.