Monday, June 6, 2011

Jon Sobel at Blogcritics on SoD3

"Another fine performance, and a dangerous one, comes from Jim Ireland as a volcanic, Svengali-like voice teacher in the mysterious A Lesson by David Johnston, whose Conversations on Russian Literature was such a success at Blue Coyote two years ago. Though we never find out what the teacher and his companion, played by the excellent Sarah Ireland, mean to do with (or to?) the young singing hopeful in the next room, the wild, character-driven story is transfixing." A very nice write up for the evening from Jon Sobel at Blogcritics.


Martha J Mountain said...


Talekyn said...

I agree with the comment about "The Lesson" and with much of the rest of the review ... but not with the comment about "Plato's Retreat" having the best costumes of the night. The only non-contemporary costumes, sure. The costumes that provided the best eye-candy for me, yep. But "best" is an overstatement.