Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is It a "Gaggle" of Bigots? A "Covey?" What's the Term?

Republicans, who clammed up about their obsession with gay marriage long enough to rack up some seats last fall, are feeling their oats again. Yeah, they say they're all about fiscal discipline, getting the government out of your life, personal responsibility, blah blah blah, but after they're all sworn in, it's thumpin' on the homos season.

Rep. Jim Jordan, some douche from Cleveland with a mug only a mother could love, wants to repeal gay marriage in the District of Columbia. Because - you know - I'm sure that's a concern for everyone in Cleveland who's at home watching "The View" for two years because they can't get a damn job.

True to form, these guys force a vote on health care repeal, try to repeal gay marriage in DC when the Supreme Court already refused to touch it...oh yeah, and reading the Constitution out loud, except for the cringe-y parts about blacks being three-fifth of a human being or something. And why do Republicans do these things?

Because conservative Republicans love cheap, ineffective gestures that will fail. That serve no purpose. That are a waste of time. This proves to the people back home that they're - I don't know - not gay? Who knows.

With any luck, in a few years, this ass end of a dog will be back in Cleveland and out of work, and then maybe he'll have a clue.


Matthew Principe said...

Oh I'm sorry, David, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one. I'm totally hot for this guy. Maybe it's the notion that he could be thinking, "I hate that I'm doing this, but it just feels right", while being double-teamed in a Cleveland bathhouse.

Martha J Mountain said...

Does Cleveland have bathhouses?

Martha J Mountain said...

and inexplicably, I can't find the collective noun for bigot.
doesn't have it, though I do like a generation of vipers as a do-fer.

David Johnston said...

I could ask Sally.

David Johnston said...

About the bathhouses, I mean. Not the collective noun.

WayneInNYC said...

I believe the group of Bigots is called "A Blather."

A Blather of Bigots.

Yup, sounds right to me.

Martha J Mountain said...

I like "blather of bigots" - works for me. thanks!