Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Student of Prague in Gowanus

Went to a very interesting music event last night. (First, I snagged Trumbull to come with me to get drinks beforehand.) Evan Mazunik, who heads the ZAHA Ensemble, was performing his score for a silent film from 1913, "The Student of Prague." "Student" is a very creepy old variation on the Doppelganger story and the 40 minute film - nearly a hundred years old - manages to be charming, quaint, and kind of nightmare-icky all at the same time.

Evan is a member of the Douglass Street Music Collective, performing in their teensy space at Gowanus. The Doppelganger score was really great - a lot of electronic/modern sounds layered over top of this old film, but still managing to find this weird heightened core of emotion.

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