Monday, October 19, 2009

Coming Attractions

Here's a YouTube clip of rehearsals for "Busted Jesus Comix," opening at Above the Stag in London on Nov. 3. It's also up on the London International Comics Festival site, pg. 1

"Candy & Dorothy," opening this Friday in Palm Springs.

And a shout-out on the Plays & Playwrights NYTE blog from Rochelle & Martin.

Went to Hartford this weekend with Dave, Jonna and Scott to see the 9-hr Horton Foote cycle. I want to write more about it soon - one of the most amazing times I've spent in a theater, and highly recommended. It's one more week at Hartford Stage, then it moves to the Signature.

UPDATE: Another nice bit of PR from Palm Springs.

MORE UPDATE! I just found out - didn't know this - that the artwork for the London production of BJC - flying hero baby - is by none other than Mike Diana. Which is pretty cool. In case you're unfamiliar with his work - don't open the above link when you're at the office. OK?

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Katherine said...

Hooray, that's all fantastic, David.