Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tamar Teresa Hennessy

I read in the new CW that Tamar Hennessy, Dorothy Day's daughter, died on March 25 at the age of 82. She is survived by seven children, eighteen grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

She seemed to keep a low profile much of her life, although she did appear in the recent Dorothy Day documentary, "Don't Call Me A Saint." However, in at least one article, she expressed resentment at the rumors that Dorothy was a 'bad mother.'

“She loved her family so much, and in so many, many ways she kept me going,” said Hennessy.


Phil Runkel said...

There are many references to Tamar Hennessy in the edition of Dorothy Day's diaries just published by the Marquette University Press (

David Johnston said...

Thanks, Phil. I stopped in at the Barnes & Noble last night in the Village - but they didn't have it yet. And it's out of stock on Amazon. But I'm looking forward to my copy.